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Professor of Law
"Altering Attention in Adjudication," ( with Andrew J. Wistrich & Chris Guthrie) 60 UCLA Law Review 1586 (2012-2013).
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"Why Heightened Pleading- Why Now?," 114 Penn State Law Review 1247-1256 (2010).
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"Product-Related Risk and Cognitive Biases: The Shortcomings of Enterprise Liability" (with James A. Henderson, Jr.), 6 Roger Williams University Law Review 213-58 (2000).
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"Law Review Usage and Suggestions for Improvement: A Survey of Attorneys, Professors, and Judges" (with Max Stier, Kelly M. Klaus, and Dan L. Bagatell), 44 Stanford Law Review 1467-513 (1992).
Book Reviews
"Noah by the Numbers: An Empirical Evaluation of the Endangered Species Act," 82 Cornell Law Review 356-89 (1997) (review of Charles C. Mann and Mark L. Plummer, Noah's Choice: The Future of Endangered Species).
"High-Tech Warranty Project-Web Comment (P994413) for Federal Trade Commission" (with Robert A. Hillman),