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Assistant Professor of Law
Working Papers
"Searching for the Hinterman: In Praise of Subjective Theories of Imputation," Journal of International Criminal Justice (forthcoming) Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper No 14-11 (2014).
"Co-Perpetration: German Dogmatik or German Invasion," The Law and Practice of the International Criminal Court: A Critical Account of Challenges and Achievements (Carsten Stahn, ed.Oxford University Press, forthcoming) Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper, No. 14-07 (2014).
" The Capture-Kill Debate: Lost Legislative History or Revisionist History," Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper No. 13-80 (2013).
"Is Jus in Bello in Crisis?," Journal of International Criminal Justice (Forthcoming) Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper No. 13-07 (2013).
"The One or the Many," Criminal Law & Philosophy (forthcoming) Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper No. 13-88 (2013).
Defending Humanity: When Force is Justified and Why (with G. P. Fletcher) (Oxford University Press, 2008).
Contributions to Books
"Joint Intentions" in Rethinking Criminal Law Theory:New Canadian Perspectives in the Philosophy of Domestic, Transnational, and Internatinal Criminal Law (Hart Publishing, Oxford and Portland, Oregon, Francois Tanguay-Renaud and James Stribopoulos, eds. 2012).
"Attempt, Conspiracy, and Incitement to Commit Genocide" in The UN Genocide Convention (Oxford University Press: Paola Gaeta ed., 2009).

Encyclopedia Essays in Oxford Companion to International Criminal Justice (Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press; Antonio Cassese ed. 2009):

Aggression, Aiding and Abetting, Murray Bernays, Conspiracy, Demjanjuk, Ex Parte Quirin, Excuses and Justifications, Filartiga, Homma, Inchoate Offenses, Intoxication, Kadic v. Karadzic, Krupp and Others, Maltzer and Others, Mental Disease, Mistake of Fact, Mistake of Law, Necessity and Duress, Self Defense, Sosa v. Machlain, US Military Tribunals Sitting at Nuremberg.

"Peace, Security, and Prosecutorial Discretion," in The Emerging Practice of the International Criminal Court (Leiden; Boston: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers; C. Stahn and G. Sluiter eds. 2009).
"Towards a Unique Theory of International Criminal Sentencing," in International Criminal Procedure: Towards a Coherent Body of Law (London: CMP Publishing; G. Sluiter, Sergey Vasiliev eds., 2009).
Prosecutor v. Stakic: “The Co-Perpetrator Model of Joint Criminal Enterprise,” 14 Annotated Leading Cases of International Criminal Tribunals 739 (2008).
Targeted Killings:Law & Morality in an Asymmetrical World,  edited by Claire Finkelstein, Jens David Ohlin, & Andrew Altman ( Oxford:Oxford University Press, 2012).
"Targeting and the Concept of Intent,"35 Michigan Journal of International Law 79 (2013).
"The Duty to Capture," 97 Minnesota Law Review 1268 (2013).
"Nash Equilibrium and International Law", 96 Cornell law Review 869 (2011).
"Joint Intentions to Commit International Crimes," 11 Chicago Journal of International Law 693 (2010). To be entitled "Joint Intentions" in Rethinking Criminal Law Theory (François Tanguay-Renaud & James Stribopoulos eds., forthcoming 2011).
"The Torture Lawyers: A Reply to Parry and Harel," 51 Harvard International Law Journal Online 96 (2010).
"The Torture Lawyers," 51 Harvard International Law Journal 193 (2010).
"Joint Criminal Confusion," 12 New Criminal Law Review 406 (2009) Cornell Law Faculty Publications, Paper # 211 (2009).
"Meta-Theory of International Criminal Procedure: Vindicating the Rule of Law," 14 UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs (2009).
"Attempt, Conspiracy, and Incitement to Commit Genocide," Cornell Law Faculty Publications, Paper 24 (2009).
"Group Think: the Law of Conspiracy and Collective Reason," 98 Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology 147 (2008).
"The Bounds of Necessity," 6 Journal of International Criminal Justice 289 (2008).
"The Law as Cruelty: Torture as an International Crime," 6 Journal of International Criminal Justice (guest editor with G. P. Fletcher) Special Issue, (2008).
“Three Conceptual Problems with the Doctrine of Joint Criminal Enterprise,” 5 Journal of International Criminal Justice 69 (2007).
“On the Very Idea of Transitional Justice,” 8 Whitehead Journal of Diplomacy & International Relations 51 (2007).
Reply to Washburn: “International Law and Prosecutorial Discretion,” 8 Whitehead Journal of Diplomacy & International Relations 146 (2007).
Comment: “The ICC – Two Courts in One?,” 4 Journal of International Criminal Justice 428 (2006) (with G.P. Fletcher).
"Applying the Death Penalty for Crimes of Genocide," 99 American Journal of International Law 747 (2005).
“Is the Concept of the Person Necessary for Human Rights?,” 105 Columbia Law Review 209 (2005).
“Reclaiming Fundamental Principles of Criminal Law in the Darfur Case,” 3 Journal of International Criminal Justice 539 (2005) (with G.P. Fletcher).