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Associate Professor of Law
Working Papers
"Lawyers and Fools: Lawyer-Directors in Public Corporations," (with Lubomir P. Litov and Simone M. Sepe) (102 Georgetown Law Journal, Forthcoming) Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper No. 13-63 (2013).
'Sandbagging: Default Rules and Acquisition Agreements," 36  Delaware Journal of Corporate Law No.(2011). Cornell legal Studies Research Paper No. 12-19 (2012).  
"Creditors and Debt Governance" in Research Handbook on the Economics of Corporate Law (Edward Elgar Publishing; Claire Hill & Brett McDonnell, eds., 2011).
Contributions to Books
"Creditors and Debt Governance,"  Research Handbook on the Economics of Corporate Law (Claire Hill & Brett McDonnell, eds., Elgar Press, 2012).
"The Federalization of Fraud: Mail and Wire Fraud Statutes" (with John C. Coffee, Jr.), in White Collar Crime: Business and Regulatory Offenses (New York: Law Journal Seminars-Press, Otto G. Obermaier and Robert G. Morvillo eds. 1990).
"The Goldilocks Approach: Financial Risk and Staged Regulation," 97 Cornell Law Review 1267 (2012). Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper, No. 12-57 (2012).
"The Volcker Rule and Evolving Financial Markets," 1 Harvard Business Law Review 39 (2012).
"Regulating for the Next Financial Crisis," 37(1) Cornell Law Forum 20 (2011).
"Destructive Coordination," 96 Cornell Law Review 323-364 (2011).
"Why Not a CEO Term Limit?," 91 Boston University Law Review 1263 (2011).
"Reframing Financial Regulation," 90 Boston University Law Review 1 (2010).
"The Evolution of Debt: Covenants, the Credit Market, and Corporate Governance," 34 Journal of Corporation Law 641 (2009).
"Deconstructing Equity: Public Ownership, Agency Costs, and Complete Fincial Markets" (with Ronald Gilson), 108 Columbia Law Review 231 (2008).
"What's Your Sign? - International Norms, Signals, and Compliance", 27 Michigan Journal of International Law 695 (2006).