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Professor of Law
Working Papers
"Paying for Risk: Bankers, Compensation, and Competition" (with Simone M. Sepe), 100 Cornell Law Review (Forthcoming), Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper No. 13-87 (2014).
Contributions to Books
"Debt and Corporate Governance," in Oxford Handbook of Corporate Law and Governance (Jeffrey Gordon & Georg Ringe, eds.,) (forthcoming)
"Creditors and Debt Governance," in Research Handbook on the Economics of Corporate Law (Claire Hill & Brett McDonnell, eds., Elgar Press, 2012).
"The Federalization of Fraud: Mail and Wire Fraud Statutes" (with John C. Coffee, Jr.), in White Collar Crime: Business and Regulatory Offenses (New York: Law Journal Seminars-Press, Otto G. Obermaier and Robert G. Morvillo eds. 1990).
"Lawyers and Fools: Lawyer-Directors in Public Corporations" (with Lubomir P. Litov and Simone M. Sepe), 102 Georgetown Law Journal 413 (2014).
"The Volcker Rule and Evolving Financial Markets," 1 Harvard Business Law Review 39 (2012).
"The Goldilocks Approach: Financial Risk and Staged Regulation," 97 Cornell Law Review 1267 (2012).
"Sandbagging: Default Rules and Acquisition Agreements," 36  Delaware Journal of Corporate Law 1081 (2011).
"Regulating for the Next Financial Crisis," 37(1) Cornell Law Forum 20 (2011).
"Destructive Coordination," 96 Cornell Law Review 323-364 (2011).
"Why Not a CEO Term Limit?," 91 Boston University Law Review 1263 (2011).
"Reframing Financial Regulation," 90 Boston University Law Review 1 (2010).
"The Evolution of Debt: Covenants, the Credit Market, and Corporate Governance," 34 Journal of Corporation Law 641 (2009).
"Deconstructing Equity: Public Ownership, Agency Costs, and Complete Financial Markets" (with Ronald Gilson), 108 Columbia Law Review 231 (2008).
"What's Your Sign? - International Norms, Signals, and Compliance," 27 Michigan Journal of International Law 695 (2006).