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Edward Cornell Professor of Law and Professor of Economics
Working Papers
"Anti-Competitive Agreements: The Meaning of 'Agreement'," Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper No. 13-09 (2013).
"The Diverging Approach to Price Squeezes in the United States and Europe" (with Kathryn McMahon) 8 Journal of Competition Law & Economics 259 (2012).
Contributions to Books
"Facilitating Practices," in Issues in Competition Law and Policy, Vol II (Chicago : ABA Section of Antitrust Law; Wayne D Collins, Joseph Angland eds., 2008), p. 1189
"A tale of two cities: From Davids Holdings to Metcash," (with E. Jane Murdoch) Centre County Legal Journal (2013) Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper No. 13-10 (2013).
"'Why Can't a Woman Be More Like a Man?' American and Australian Approaches to Exclusionary Conduct" (with Rhonda L. Smith), 31 Melbourne University Law Review 1099 (2007).
"The Quiet Revolution in U.S. Antitrust Law," 26 The University of Queensland Law Journal 27-37 (2007).
"Horizontal Agreements: Concept and Proof," 51 The Antitrust Bulletin 877 (2006).
"Trinko: Going All the Way," 50 The Antitrust Bulletin 527 (2005).
"Innovations in Antitrust Enforcement," 64 Antitrust Law Journal 7-17 (1995).
"The 'Duty to Deal' Under Section 46: Panacea or Pandora's Box" (with Kathryn McMahon), 17 University of New South Wales Law Journal 54-72 (1994).
"Is the Glass Half-Empty or Half-Full?: Reflectionson the Kodak Case," 62 Antitrust Law Journal 177-91 (1993).
"Market Power in Antitrust," 60 Antitrust Law Journal 807-27 (1991), reprinted in 18 Cornell Law Forum 2-7 (1992).
"Observations: Sylvania in Retrospect," 60 Antitrust Law Journal 61-66 (1991).
"Predatory Pricing," 58 Antitrust Law Journal 913-19 (1989).
"Geographic Market Definition in an International Context" (with John C. Hilke and Philip B. Nelson), 64 Chicago-Kent Law Review 711-39 (1989).
"Panel Discussion," (with Donald I. Baker,Thomas E. Kauper, William F. Baxter, Gordon B. Spivack, James T. Halverson, Robert Pitofsky, and Alan H. Silberman), 57 Antitrust Law Journal 83-102 (1988).
"Single Firm Conduct," 57 Antitrust Law Journal 75-81 (1988).
"The Free Rider Rationale and Vertical Restraints Analysis Reconsidered," 56 Antitrust Law Journal 27-35 (1987).
"Vertical Restraints After Monsanto," 70 Cornell Law Review 418-45 (1985).
"Demonstration: Economic Analysis and Expert Testimony - Plaintiff's Conference" (with Eleanor M. Fox, Jay Topkis, and Charles B. Renfrew), 52 Antitrust Law Journal 757-72 (1984).
"Demonstration: Economic Analysis and Expert Testimony - Plaintiff's Economist" (with Eleanor M. Fox and Murray A. Bring), 52 Antitrust Law Journal 785-98 (1984).
"The FTC and Pricing: Of Predation and Signaling," 52 Antitrust Law Journal 409-17 (1983).
"The Economics of Predatory Pricing," 51 Antitrust Law Journal 361-74 (1982).
"Oligopoly, Shared Monopoly, and Antitrust Law," 67 Cornell Law Review 439-81 (1982).
"Predatory Pricing: Competing Economic Theories and the Evolution of Legal Standards" (with Joseph F. Brodley), 66 Cornell Law Review 738-803 (1981).
"An Empirical Survey of Price Fixing Conspiracies" (with Daniel Kelley), 17 Journal of Law and Economics 13-38 (1974).
Book Reviews
Essay Review of Maureen Brunt, Economic Essays on Australian and New Zealand Competition Law (Kluwer Law International) 50 Antitrust Bulletin 299 (2005).
Review of Dominick T. Armentano, Antitrust and Monopoly, 32 Journal of Legal Education 448-49 (1982).
Review of Kenneth C. Elzinga and William Breit, The Antitrust Penalties: A Study in Law and Economics, 31 Vanderbilt Law Review 427-44 (1978).