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Assistant Professor
Working Papers
"Does Medical Malpractice Deter? The Impact of Tort Reforms and Malpractice Standard Reforms on Healthcare Quality," Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper No. 12-29 (2012).
"The Impact of Medical Liability Standards on Regional Variations in Physician Behavior: Evidence from the Adoption of National-Standards Rules," 103 American Economic Review 1 (2013).
"Does Agency Funding Affect Decision making?: An Empirical Assessment of the PTO's Granting Patterns," ( Melissa F. Wasserman) 66 Vanderbilt Law Review 67 (2013).
"The Deterrent Effect of Death Penalty Eligibility: Evidence from the Adoption of Child Murder Eligibility Factors" (with Matthew Harding), 11 American Law and Economics Review 453 (2009).
"Classified Boards and Firm Value", 32 Delaware Journal of Corporate Law 113 (2007).
"Does Falling Smoking Lead to Rising Obesity?" (with Jonathan Gruber), 25 Journal of Health Economics 183 (2006).