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Professor of Law
Working Papers
"Notable International Tax Articles of 2012," 138 Tax Notes (forthcoming 2013).
"Inter-Governmental Dispute Settlement Under Tax Treaties: Lessons from the GATT and International Relations Theory," Cornell Law School Legal Studies Working Paper Series (Posted Dec. 2, 1996). Available at SSRN.
"Notable International Tax Articles of 2010," 130 Tax Notes 1203 (2011).
"Notable International Tax Articles of 2011," 134 Tax Notes 1429 (2012).
"Justice Blackmun's Federal Tax Jurisprudence," 26 Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly 109-52 (1998).
"Antilegalistic Approaches to Resolving Disputes Between Governments: A Comparisonof the International Tax and Trade Regimes," 23 Yale Journal of International Law 79-139 (1998).
"The Troubled Rule of Nondiscrimination in Taxing Foreign Direct Investment," 26 Law and Policy in International Business 113-64 (1994).
"The Future of Source-Based Taxation of the Income of Multinational Enterprises," 79 Cornell Law Review 18-86 (1993).