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Jane M.G. Foster Professor of Law
Working Papers
"The Case for Reforming the Program's Spouse Benefits While 'Saving Social Security'," Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper No. 12-67 (2012).
"Changing Social Security to Achieve Long-Term Solvency and Make Other Improvements - Background Factors, Issues, Options," Cornell Legal Studies Reseach Paper  No. 12-13 (2012).
"Rewiring Old Architecture: Why U.S. Courts Have Been So Slow and Uneven in Their Take-up of Digital Technology," Cornell Law Faculty Working Papers Paper 84 (2011).
"Abandoning Law Reports for Official Digital Case Law," Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper No. 11-01 (2011).
"Finding and Citing the 'Unimportant' Decisions of the U.S. Courts of Appeals," Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper No. 08-015 (April 25, 2008). Available at SSRN.  
"Reconfiguring Law Reports and the Concept of Precedent for a Digital ," Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper No. 07-013 (August 2007). Available at SSRN.
"Neutral Citation, Court Web Sites, and Access to Case Law," Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper No. 06-047 (December 2006). Available at SSRN.
Basic Legal Citation (Cornell Legal Information Institute, rev. 2002).
Historic Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court (Legal Information Institute,  2001).

Martin on Social Security Law  (2000). (Updated annually).

Learning about Social Security—Compiled Readings and Multimedia Course (Legal Information Institute, 2001, 2002, 2004).
Copyright Law and Digital Works Course (Legal Information Institute, 1998-1999)
"Online Access to Court Records - from Documents to Data, Particulars to Patterns," 53 Villanova Law Review 855-887 (2008).
"Marketing, Conducting, and Administering an Inter-School, Internet-Based Course" (Cornell Legal Information Institute Playbook, 2004)
"Information Technology and U.S. Legal Education: Opportunities, Challenges, and Threats," 52 Journal of Legal Education 506 (2002).
"From Seats of Learning to Globally Distributed Virtual Learning," The Journal of Information, Law and Technology (JILT) 2002 (2).
"Legal Information - A Strong Case for Free Content, An Illustration of How Difficult 'Free' May Be to Define, Realize, and Sustain," (2000)
"Impermanent Boundaries—Imminent Challenges to Professional Identities and Institutional Competence, Commentary,"  Journal of Information, Law and Technology (JILT) (June, 2000).
"The Internet: ‘Full and Unfettered Access' to Law–Some Implications," 26 Northern Kentucky Law Review 181-209 (1999).
"The Impact of the Internet on the Development of Law" (member of conference panel), 46 American University Law Review 443 (1996).
"Information Technology and Legal Ethics: Expanding the Teaching and Understanding of Legal Ethics Through the Creation of a New Generation of Electronic Reference Materials" (with Roger C. Cramton), 58 Law and Contemporary Problems 337 (1995).
"Dedication to Jane M.G. Foster," 81 Cornell Law Review 1-3 (1995).
"Digital Law: Some Speculations on the Future of Legal Information Technology," (1995).
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"Five Reasons for Lawyers and Law Firms to be on the Internet," (1994)
"How New Information Technologies Will Change the Way Law Professors Do and Distribute Scholarship," 83 Law Library Journal 633-41 (1991).
"The Future of Law Librarians in Changing Institutions, or the Hazards and Opportunities of New Information Technology," 83 Law Library Journal 419-28 (1991).
"Introduction: Looking Forward From the First 100 Years," 73 Cornell Law Review 1248-54 (1988).
"Remarks on the Occasion on the Retirement of Gray Thoron," 73 Cornell Law Review 1-3 (1987).
"'Of Law and the River,' and of Nihilism and Academic Freedom," 35 Journal of Legal Education 1 (1985).
"Kurt L. Hanslowe, (Cornell Law School Teacher)," 69 Cornell Law Review 925 (1984).
"The Art of Decoupling: Keeping Social Security's Promise Up-to-Date," 65 Cornell Law Review 748-800 (1980).
"Public Assurance of an Adequate Minimum Income in Old Age: The Erratic Partnership between Social Insurance and Public Assistance," 64 Cornell Law Review 437-520 (1979).
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