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William G. McRoberts Research Professor in Administration of the Law
"Knowledge in the People: Rethinking 'Value' in Public Rulemaking Participation," (with Dmitry Epstein, Josiah Heidt, and Mary Newhart) 47 Wake Forest Law Review 1185 2013).  Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper No. 12-65 (2013) .
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"Foreword: Post-Public Choice?" (with Jeffrey J. Rachlinski), 87 Cornell Law Review 267-79 (2002).
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"Statutory Interpretation and the Balance of Power in the Administrative State," 89 Columbia Law Review 452-528 (1989).
"Escape from Cruel and Unusual Punishment: A Theory of Constitutional Necessity 59 Boston University Law Review 334 (1979).
Electronic Publications
"A Study in Rule-Specific Issue Classification for e-Rulemaking, Proceedings," (with Claire Cardie, et al.) of the 9th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research, May 18-21, 2008 (Digital Government Research Center, USC Info Sciences Inst).
"Achieving the Potential: The Future of Federal e-Rulemaking," (Committee on the Status and Future of Federal e-Rulemaking: C. Farina, Reporter 2008); Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper No. 010-007 (Mar 4, 2010).