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Professor of Law, Emeritus
"Rhode Island Civil Procedure--Some Problems," 9 Roger Williams University Law Review 429-53 (2004).
"The Constitutionalism in Zambia" (with Muna B. Ndulo), 40 Journal of African Law 256-78 (1996).
"Remembering Banks," 34 Washburn Law Journal 220 (1995).
"Justice Kelleher and the Constitutions," 22 Suffolk University Law Review 273-314 (1988).
"Tribute to Professor Robert Lieberman" (with William Schwartz, Laura Lieberman, Daniel G. McLeod, Daniel G. Partan, Paul A. Wallace, and David Lieberman), 67 Boston University Law Review 7 (1987).
"Compulsory Disclosure and the First Amendment--the Scope of Judicial Review," 41 Boston University Law Review 443-84 (1961).