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William Nelson Cromwell Professor of International and Comparative Law and Elizabeth and Arthur Reich Director, Leo and Arvilla Berger International Legal Studies Program
Contributions to Books

"ECJ Review of Member State Measures for Compliance with Fundamental Rights," in Union de Droit, Union des Droits: Melanges en L'Honneur de Phillippe Manin (Paris; Pedone, 2010).

The Status of WTO Rules in U.S. Law (forthcoming) in Rethinking the World Trading System (Lexington Books; J. Barcelo & H. Corbet, eds.)
"Expanded Judicial Review of Awards After Hall Street and in Comparative Perspective," in Resolving International Conflicts- Libor Amicorum, Tibor Várady (Central European University Press; P. Hay, L. Vékás, Y. Elfana & N. Dimitrijevic, eds. 2009), pp. 1-19.
"Anti-Foreign-Suit Injunctions to Enforce Arbitration Agreements," in Contemporary Issues in International Arbitration and Mediation (Leiden; Boston: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Arthur Rovine, ed., 2008). p107-118. Also Published in VII ICFAI Journal of Alternative Dispute Resolution 59-69 (April, 2008).
"Harmonizing Preferential Rules of Origin in the WTO System," (for inclusion in Dismantling Discrimination in the WTO System, (editor with H. Corbet) (volume in progress). (paper presented at University of Beijing, May 23, 2006.)
"Burden of Proof, Prima Facie Case and Presumption in WTO Dispute Settlement," 42 Cornell International Law Journal 23 (2009).
"The Paradox of Excluding WTO Direct and Indirect Effect in U.S. Law" 21 Tulane European and Civil Law Forum 147-172 (2006).
"Developing Countries and the WTO," 32 Cornell Law Forum 8-12 (Summer, 2005).
"Who Decides the Arbitrators' Jurisdiction? Separability and Competence-Competence in Transnational Perspective," 36 Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 1115-136 (2003).
"A Tribute to Paul Szasz" (with David Wippman, Hans Corell, Larry D. Johnson and Edith Brown Weiss) 35 Cornell International Law Journal 457 (2002).
"International Law at the Cornell Law School" (with Lee E. Teitelbaum), 28 Cornell Law Forum 1-5 (2001).
"Introduction to 'Transnational Rules of Civil Procedure,'" 30 Cornell International Law Journal 493-94 (1997).
"Product Standards to Protect the Local Environment: The GATT and the Uruguay Round Sanitary and Phytosanitary Agreement," 27 Cornell International Law Journal 755-76 (1994).
"Introduction to Symposium: The International Legal Regime for Antarctica," 19 Cornell International Law Journal 155-61 (1986).
"Subsidies, Countervailing Duties and Antidumping After the Tokyo Round," 13 Cornell International Law Journal 257-88 (1980).
"The Antidumping Law: Repeal It or Revise It," 1979 Michigan Yearbook of International Legal Studies 53-93 (1979).
"Prognostications: Panel Commentary," 4 Syracuse Journal of International Law and Commerce 410-11 (1977).
"Subsidies and Countervailing Duties--Analysis and a Proposal," 9 Law and Policy in International Business 779-853 (1977).
"Symposium: Canada and the United States: A Changing Relationship in a Changing World: Panel Discussion," 4 Syracuse Journal of International Law and Commerce 355-76 (1976-77).
"Antidumping Laws as Barriers to Trade--The United State and the International Antidumping Code," 57 Cornell Law Review 491-560 (1972).
Note: "Long-Arm Jurisdiction in Libel Actions," 39 Tulane Law Review 927-34 (1965).
Note: "Contribution Among Joint Tortfeasors," 39 Tulane Law Review 601-11 (1965).
Book Reviews
"Review of John H. Jackson, Restructuring the GATT System, and Robert E. Hudec, The GATT Legal System and World Trade Diplomacy," 26 The International Lawyer 1121-24 (1992).
"Review of Georges R. Delaume, Transnational Contracts: Law and Practice," 80 The American Journal of International Law 764-65 (1986).
"Review of J. Murphy, The United Nations and Control of International Violence," 34 Journal of Legal Education 143-44 (1984).
Challenges Facing the WTO: The DOHA Round and Beyond (Keynote address delivered to Thai Bar, January 15, 2007); also available from author.
Report of the Free Speech Commission at Cornell (principal author) 1-42 (March 31, 1987), Draft Report published in 18 Cornell Chronicle 5-8 (February 26, 1987).
Electronic Publications
"The Status of WTO Rules in U.S. Law" Ch. 11 in Rethinking the World Trading System (ed. with H. Corbet) (Lexington Books, forthcoming, 2008) Available at SSRN.