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Charles Frank Reavis Sr. Professor of Law
"The Pluralistic Foundations of the Religion Clauses," 90 Cornell Law Review 9-95 (2004).
"Liberalism and the Establishment Clause," 78 Chicago-Kent Law Review 717 (2003)
"The First Amendment and the Socialization of Children: Compulsory Public Education and Vouchers," 11 Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy 503-51 (2002).
"A Reply to Professor Krotoszynski," 86 Cornell Law Review 725-28 (2001).
"Religion and Democracy," 74 Notre Dame Law Review 1631-56 (1999).
"Should Progressives Support the Constitution?," 4 Widener Law Symposium Journal 219-28 (1999).
"Racist Speech, Outsider Jurisprudence, and the Meaning of America," 80 Cornell Law Review 43-103 (1994).
"The Politics of the Mass Media and the Free Speech Principle," 69 Indiana Law Journal 689-721 (1994).
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"Liberalism, Radicalism, and Legal Scholarship," 30 UCLA Law Review 1103-217 (1983).
"Government Speech," 27 UCLA Law Review 565-655 (1980).
"Defamatory Non-Media Speech and First Amendment Methodology," 25 UCLA Law Review 915-63 (1978).
Book Reviews
"Liberal Theory and the Need for Politics," 89 Michigan Law Review 1281-93 (1991) (Review of R. Bruce Douglas, Gerald M. Mars, and Henry S. Richardson, eds., Liberalism and the Good).
"Government Speech and the Falsification of Consent," 96 Harvard Law Review 1745-57 (1983) (Review of Mark Yudof, When Government Speaks: Politics, Law, and Government Expression in America).