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Jack G. Clarke Professor of Law
"Reflections on Lee" (In Memoriam:  Lee E. Teitelbaum 1941-2004), 7 Journal of Law & Family Studies 495-96 (2005).
"The European Pasteurization of French Law," 90 Cornell Law Review 995-1083 (2005).
"Comparative Readings of Roscoe Pound’s Jurisprudence," 50 American Journal of Comparative Law 719-51 (2002).
"Do Judges Deploy Policy?," 22 Cardozo Law Review 863-99 (2001).
"Comparative Law and Comparative Literature: A Project in Progress," 1997 Utah Law Review 471-524 (1998).
"‘Lit. Theory’ Put to the Test: A Comparative Literary Analysis of American Judicial Tests and French Judicial Discourse," 111 Harvard Law Review 689-770 (1998).
"Judicial (Self-)Portraits: Judicial Discourse in the French Legal System," 104 Yale Law Journal 1325-410 (1995).
Electronic Publications
"Anticipating Three Models of Judicial Control, Debate and Legitimacy: The European Court of Justice, the Cour de cassation and the United States Supreme Court," NYU Jean Monnet Working Paper no. 1/03.