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Assistant Professor of Law
Working Papers
"Forgetting Oblivion: The Demise of the Legislative Pardon," Cornell Law Faculty Working Papers. Paper 83. (2011)
"Substitute Chancellors: The Role of the Jury in the Contest between Common Law and Equity," Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper No. 06-007 (February 10, 2006). Available at SSRN. Law and History Review (under revision)
Contributions to Books

"Transparency and Textuality: Wilkie Collins' Law Books," in The Secrets of Law (Stanford University Press; forthcoming, 2009).

"Composing (for a) Philosophical Comedy," in Leonard Bernstein: The Harvard Years 71 (New York: The Eos Orchestra, Claudia Swan, ed. 1999).

"Essay: Constitutional Commitments and Religious Identity," 19 Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy 751   ( 2010).
“'Our Cities Institutions' and the Institution of the Common Law," 22 Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities 441 (2010).
"Summum and the Establishment Clause," 104 Northwestern University Law Review Colloquy 95 (2009).
"Commerce in Religion" 84 Notre Dame Law Review 887 (2009).
"Like a Nation State"  55 UCLA Law Review 1621  (2008).
"Daniel Defoe and the Written Constitution," 94 Cornell Law Review 73 (2008).
“Religious Expression in the Balance: A Response to Murad Hussain’s Defending the Faithful," 117 Yale Law Journal Pocket Part 186 (2008).
"The Limits of Group Rights: Religious Institutions and Religious Minorities in International Law," 22 St. John's Journal of Legal Commentary 535-558 (2007).
"Economic Emergency and the Rule of Law," DePaul Law Review (2007). Available at SSRN.
"Towards a Common Law Originalism," 59 Stanford Law Review 551 (December 2006).
"The Court's Purpose:  Secular or Anti-strife?," 32 Cornell Law Forum 14-16 (Spring 2006).
"The Equal Protection of Free Exercise:  Two Approaches and Their History," 47 Boston College Law Review 275-344 (2006).
"Theaters of Pardoning: Tragicomedy and the Gunpowder Plot" 25 Studies in Law, Politics, and Society 37 (2002).
"The Gestation of Birthright Citizenship, 1868-1898: States’ Rights, the Law of Nations, and Mutual Consent," 15 Georgetown Immigration Law Journal 519 (2001).
Book Reviews
Review of Bradin Cormack, A Power to Do Justice: Jurisdiction, English Literature, and the Rise of Common Law, 1509-1625; 27 Law & History Review 685 (2009).
"Review of John Orth, How Many Judges Does It Take to Make a Supreme Court,” 26 Law & History Review 453 (2008).
"The Myth of Law and Literature," reviewing The Myth of Moral Justice: Why Our Legal System Fails to Do What’s Right (Hart Publishing; Thane Rosenbaum 2005), in Legal Ethics
Review of Law as Politics: Carl Schmitt’s Critique of Liberation," 36 Stanford Journal of International Law 185 (2000).
"What, If Anything, Is an Objective (review)," The Harvard Advocate, Spring 1994.
"Does Forgiveness Have a Place? Hegel, Arendt, and Revolution," Theory and Event 6:1 (2002).
Entries on “Religion in 18th-Century State Constitutions” and “Civil Liberties in Emergency,” in Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties (Finkelman et al. eds., 2006).
Entries on "Bakhtin, de Man," "Text, Signifying Practice," and "Poetics," in Encyclopedia of Postmodernism (London; New York: Routledge, Victor E. Taylor and Charles E. Winquist eds. 2001).
Linguistic Works of Art at the Borderlines: Ontological Exclusion in Ingarden and Gadamer," LXIII Analecta Husserliana 289 (2001).
"What is Political Feeling?," Diacritics 30:2, 25 (2000).
"Bakhtin’s Irony," Pacific Coast Philology 32: 1, 105 (1997).
"Putting on the Greeks," The Harvard Advocate, Winter 1993.