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Professor of Law
Working Papers
"An Introduction to Property Theory," (Gregory S. Alexander). Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper No. 12-15 (2012). Cambridge Introductions to Philosophy and Law, Cambridge University Press, (2012).  
An Introduction to Property Theory (with Gregory S. Alexander) (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Introductions to Philosophy and Law, 2012).  
Property and Community (New York : Oxford University Press; ed. with Gregory Alexander, 2010).

Land Use Regulation (with Stewart Sterk) (Foundation Press, 2011).

Contributions to Books
"The Costs of Regulation or the Consequences of Poverty? : Progressive Lessons from de Soto" in Hernando de Soto and Property in a Market Economy (Farnham, England ; Burlington, VT : Ashgate Pub., D. Benjamin Barros ed, 2010).
"The Right Not to Use in Patent and Property Law," (with Oskar Liivak) 98 Cornell Law Review 1437 (2013).
"Property's Memories," 80 Fordham Law Review 1071 (2011).
"Judicial Takings or Due Process," (with Lior Strahilevitz) 97 Cornell Law Review 305 (2011).
"The Illusory Right to Abandon," 109 Michigan Law Review 191 (2010).
"Properties of Community" (with Gregory S. Alexander), 10 Theoretical Inquiries in Law 127 (2009).
"Land Virtues," 94 Cornell Law Review 821 (2009).
"A Statement of Progressive Property," (with Laura S. Underkuffler and Gregory Alexander) 94 Cornell Law Review 743 (2009).
"Is Public Reason Counterproductive?" 110 West Virginia Law Review 515 (2007).
"Property Outlaws" (with Sonia K. Katyal), 155 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 1095-1186 (2007).
"Reconstructing Richard Epstein," 15 William and Mary Bill of Rights Journal 429 (2006).
"Property Metaphors and Kelo v. New London: Two Views of the Castle," 74 Fordham Law Review 2971-2976 (2006).
"Treating Religion as Speech: Justice Stevens's Religion Clause Jurisprudence," 74 Fordham Law Review 2241-2257  (2006).
"Property as Entrance," 91 Virginia Law Review 1889-1972 (2005)
"Regulatory Taxings," 104 Columbia Law Review 2182-2254 (2004).
"Is Land Special?," 31 Ecology Law Quarterly 227-287 (2004).
“The Persistent Problem of Obligation in International Law,” 36 Stanford Journal of International Law 271-302 (2000).
“Redistributing Property: Natural Law, International Norms, and the Property Reforms of the Cuban Revolution,” 52 Florida Law Review 107-216 (2000).
“Acts of God or Toxic Torts? Applying Tort Principles to the Problem of Climate Change,” 38 Natural Resources Journal 563-601 (1998).
Note, “The Concept of Religion,” 107 Yale Law Journal 791-822 (1997).
Book Reviews
"Restoring the Right Constitution?" Reviewing Randy E. Barnett, Restoring the Lost Constitution: The Presumption of Liberty 116 Yale Law Journal 732-766 (2007).
"Are Illegal Immigrants Pioneers?," Commonweal Magazine (May 2, 2006).
"American Pioneers--or 'Illegals?,'" Washington Post (April 16, 2006).
"Public Use and Private Profit," N.Y. Law Journal (Oct. 29, 2004).
"Bishops Criticized for Wrong Reason," Chicago Tribune (May 21, 2004).
"Are Estrada's Opponents Anti-Latino?," Chicago Tribune (March 4, 2003).
"Christian Conscience, Where Are You?" American Magazine (November 11, 1995).