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Current Issue: Vol. 20, no. 2  (September 29, 2014)
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Amistad Research Center
    The Amistad Research Center is the oldest, largest and most comprehensive independent archive that specializes in the history of African-Americans and other ethnic minorities. The first archive to document the civil rights movement, it is currently housed at Tulane University in New Orleans. The Center is committed to collecting, preserving, and providing open access to original materials that reference the social and cultural importance of America's ethnic and racial history, the African Diaspora, human relations, and civil rights. The holdings include the papers of artists, educators, authors, business leaders, clergy, lawyers, factory workers, farmers and musicians. The collection contains approximately 250,000 photographs dating from 1859. Literary manuscript holdings contain letters and original manuscripts from prominent Harlem Renaissance writers and poets. The website has a detailed description of its holdings and collection development policy for researchers. The Center is working on digitizing its holdings to make them more accessible to researchers. There is an online database that can be searched to provide access to photographs, documents, audio, and videos. You can also browse by collection, subject or creator. You can sign up to receive the Amistad Center’s quarterly electronic newsletter, and there are links to the Center’s blog and Facebook page.
    [Author: S. Leers]
    URL: states that it “was founded to provide information on various aspects of Korean law that may be helpful to foreign businesses and individuals” who wish to do work in South Korea. It is administered by a US educated attorney working in a Korean law firm and written in English. The site is mostly text; the home page presents a list of recent articles, probably created by the attorney maintaining the site. The article are listed in reverse chronological order; however, there is little sign of updating and the most recent citation this reader found dated from December 2013. To the right of the list of articles is a list of topics for which information has been written; these articles are in addition, it seems, to the main list of articles. The topics are corporate law, banking & securities, foreign direct investment, intellectual property, labor law, litigation, tax, and legal news. The information given is written on the level of a sophisticated consumer of legal services and could be used to orient oneself to the legal circumstances of South Korea, but one will have to look elsewhere for information later than 2013 or treatment of issues or law of any depth. No primary laws are given. Overall, it may be a starting point for a search in those areas covered, but no more.
    [Author: J. Luke]
Wythepedia: The George Wythe Encyclopedia
    Wythepedia is an online collection related to prominent early Virginian George Wythe (pronounced “with”), created by The Wolf Law Library at the College of William and Mary's Marshall-Wythe School of Law. Wythe was the first official law professor in the United States (at William and Mary, naturally), as well as a signer of the Declaration of Independence, close friend of Thomas Jefferson, a judge, and an Attorney General of the Colony of Virginia, among other prominent accomplishments. Wythe also was probably murdered by a relative for his fortune, leading to a sensational trial in which the suspect was acquitted. The centerpiece of the collection is Wolf Law Library's laborious re-creation of Wythe's personal library, which includes case law, legal treatises, Greek and Latin classics, and less obvious titles including a book on astronomy and even an early cookbook. These books reveal what Wythe knew, studied, and enjoyed. Each book has its own page describing its reason for inclusion in the Wythe collection and a description of the author and the physical book held by the Wolf Law Library. Digital images are not available for the entire contents of these books; usually a few images such as the title page and the bookplate are provided. Complete images are also not available through Wythepedia for the decisions Wythe handed down as a judge on the High Court of Chancery, but the website provides summaries of the cases and citations. Wythepedia does provide links to images of letters and papers written by Wythe when available. There is a transcription of each letter and paper on the site whether or not there is an image of the original. Wythepedia contains biographical information and a bibliography for Wythe. Some of Wythepedia's resources are hidden from the main navigation bar, such as depictions and images of Wythe, but can be discovered by keyword searching, internal links, or referring to the "See also" links at the bottom of some of the pages.
    [Author: I. Haight]

InSITE contributors: I. Haight, S. Leers. J. Luke, J. Pajerek (editor)


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