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InSITE: Listing

Volume: 9 Number: 19

Title: AFFECT: Americans for Fair Electronic Commerce Transactions

Source/Sponsoring Agency: Americans for Fair Electronic Commerce Transactions


Date Checked: 7/28/2008      Status: Active

Date Annotated: 5/4/2004

Topics: Computer Law; Consumer Protection Law; Science And Technology; Commercial Law

Other keywords: Uniform Commercial Code; Software

Contents: The Americans for Fair Electronic Commerce Transactions (AFFECT) website is an advocacy site dedicated to educating the public and policy makers about the dangers of the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA). Comprised of groups such as consumers, retail and manufacturing businesses, financial services institutions, technology professionals, and librarians, AFFECT believes that “UCITA is a dangerous, anti-competitive, anti-business, anti-consumer measure that will have a negative impact on the American economy and the development of electronic commerce and new technologies.” Legal researchers will find the group’s coverage of the history and economic impact of UCITA to be instructive. Several nice features include the site’s Briefing Book, which contains most of AFFECT’s information in PDF, and a glossary of terms for the Act, complete with examples. AFFECT’s website also links to other important materials, such as the American Library Association’s state-by-state survey of UCITA legislative activities.

Author of Annotation: B. Kreisler

Last Modified: 6/20/2012