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InSITE: Listing

Volume: 10 Number: 24

Title: Commercial Alert

Source/Sponsoring Agency: Commercial Alert


Date Checked: 7/6/2005      Status: Active

Date Annotated: 4/22/2005

Topics: Consumer Protection Law

Other keywords: Advertising; Consumerism

Contents: Founded in 1998 by Ralph Nader and Gary Ruskin, Commercial Alert is a national non-profit organization dedicated to “keeping the commercial culture within its proper sphere, and to prevent it from exploiting children and subverting the higher values of family, community, environmental integrity, and democracy.” Visitors to the site can read up on the organization's top campaigns (covering such issues as “Junk Food Marketing” and “Parents' Bill of Rights”), and peruse the site’s news blog and archives, going back to January 2005. Researchers will be interested in the site’s “Library” section, which covers topics such as “Culture, “Education,” “Government,” and “Health.” Each topical section contains an overview and many subsections with news items, action items, articles, and links to external sites for more information. Commercial Alert is searchable and syndicateable through XML.

Author of Annotation: B. Kreisler

Last Modified: 6/20/2012