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Volume: 11 Number: 14

Title: Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights

Source/Sponsoring Agency: Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights


Date Checked: 2/15/2005      Status: Active

Date Annotated: 2/15/2005

Topics: Consumer Protection Law; Taxation

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Contents: The Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights (FTCR) is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization deploying an in-house team of public interest lawyers, policy experts, strategists, public educators, and grassroots activists to advance and protect the interests of consumers and taxpayers. Founded in 1985 by nationally known consumer activist and attorney Harvey Rosenfield, FTCR works with public interest groups in Washington and throughout the nation. FTCR’s website offers visitors plenty of information about the organization (including press releases from and news articles about the Foundation). Of interest are the “Commentary,” “Factsheets,” and “Reports” sections, which provide articles, opinion pieces, radio commentary, and other topical analyses. Visitors are invited to browse the site by topic as well, divided into such issues such as “Corporate Accountability,” “Healthcare,” “Citizen Advocacy,” “Energy,” and “Insurance.” Finally, visitors can subscribe to and read back issues from the Foundation’s newsletter, The Whistleblower (formerly “Bailout Watch”).

Author of Annotation: B. Kreisler

Last Modified: 6/20/2012