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Volume: 10 Number: 21


Source/Sponsoring Agency: Giaschi, Christopher J.; Giaschi & Margolis


Date Checked: 7/28/2008      Status: Active

Date Annotated: 4/24/2005

Topics: Admiralty

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Contents: Published by the law firm Giaschi & Margolis, is primarily focused on Canadian maritime law and Canadian admiralty law. The website covers topics such as maritime law, admiralty law, marine law, the law of marine insurance and the law of the sea, ships, shipping, fisheries and offshore oil and gas. Visitors can browse the site by topic (such as “Carriage of Goods,” “Limitation of Liability,” and “Tug and Tow”), browse the site map, or search by keyword. Each topical section contains a detailed introduction to the subject (written for professionals in the legal field), and a “Case Summaries” section, which provides extensive summaries of recent Canadian decisions. The full text of cases is not provided. Visitors may also access these summaries through an alphabetical Table of Cases. provides a section on statutes, regulations, and rules, for reference purposes. The “Papers and Presentations” section offers HTML versions of a variety of papers produced by the firm, including some nice overviews of legal areas.

Author of Annotation: B. Kreisler

Last Modified: 6/20/2012