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Volume: 12 Number: 3

Title: Democracy 21

Source/Sponsoring Agency: Democracy 21


Date Checked: 9/4/2014      Status: Updated

Date Annotated: 9/7/2006

Topics: Politics

Other keywords: Campaign Finance; Elections

Contents: Democracy 21 is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization founded in 1997 by Fred Wertheimer, a noted advocate for reducing the role of money in politics. The organization seeks “to eliminate the undue influence of big money in American politics and to ensure the integrity and fairness of government decisions and elections.” Democracy 21 focuses on campaign finance reform and ensuring that campaign finance laws are effectively implemented and enforced. The website is organized into several sections providing news, updates, and documents. The Issues section provides discussion of the group’s involvement in specific issues, including campaign finance laws, the Federal Election Commission (FEC), and lobbying. Users will find numerous postings under each issue, with links to PDF copies of letters sent to members of Congress and Congressional committees urging various actions. Researchers will want to pay particular attention to the Key Documents section. This section includes reports, as well as explanation of cases and FEC filings. Relevant documents are provided in PDF and include opinions, amicus briefs, complaints, comments, and FEC rules.

Author of Annotation: M. Morrison

Last Modified: 6/20/2012