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Volume: 12 Number: 22

Title: Drug Court Clearinghouse

Source/Sponsoring Agency: United States. Bureau of Justice Assistance; American University. Justice Programs Offices. Drug Court Clearinghouse Project


Date Checked: 7/11/2007      Status: Active

Date Annotated: 7/11/2007

Topics: Food and Drug Law; Criminal Law; Food and Drug Law;

Other keywords: Court Decisions; Judiciary; Drug Courts

Contents: The Drug Court Clearinghouse Project has been in existence at American University in Washington, DC since 1994, and is currently administered in partnership with the U.S. Dept. of Justice's Bureau of Justice Assistance. It is a nation-wide clearinghouse for drug court information and activity, providing a range of services which include telephone consultation, e-mail responses to information requests, networking and facilitation of telephone conference calls among peers to discuss issues of concern, and dissemination of sample operational materials developed by drug courts. The Clearinghouse maintains a reference collection of drug court-related documents which is categorized and retrievable under an extensive list of topics, ranging from "acupuncture" to "welfare." Other sections of the website feature training announcements, fact sheets, a "frequently asked questions" series, "Drug Courts in the News," and an interactive "Drug Court Activity Map." With the increasing prevalence of drug courts in the U.S., this site provides a valuable way for those involved to locate useful information gathered from a variety of sources.

Author of Annotation: J. Gillespie and J. Pajerek

Last Modified: 6/20/2012