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Volume: 13 Number: 22

Title: Food First: Institute for Food and Development Policy

Source/Sponsoring Agency: Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy


Date Checked: 6/25/2008      Status: Active

Date Annotated: 4/29/2008

Topics: Agriculture Law; Economics; Environmental Law; Food and Drug Law; International Trade; Land Use Planning; Science And Technology

Other keywords: Agriculture; Food; Hunger; Starvation; Food insecurity; Food policy; Food supply

Contents: The goal of the Institute for Food and Development Policy (a.k.a. Food First) is to "eliminate the injustices that cause hunger" and seek "food sovereignty" through a three-pronged approach: building local food systems, involvement of small-scale farmers, and democratization of development through support of land reform and other social movements. Food First's publications, reports, and press releases all seem to make the point that hunger is most often not a problem of food shortage but of the effects of policies promulgated by governments, corporations, and international trade bodies. The content on the site thus has a notable strain of opposition to the current regime of trade policy, agricultural biotechnology, and agricultural subsidies. Nevertheless, the site has a great deal of good content on agriculture, economics, and international trade policy in its "Publications" section. The site offers "Fact sheets," "Backgrounders," "Development Reports," "Policy Briefs," "News and Views," and "Stories and Field Reports". Although these categories are poorly differentiated from each other and unevenly updated, the reports and publications on offer are carefully researched and footnoted, offer summaries and tables, and are available in PDF format and, in some cases, in multiple languages. The site is very much by and for activists, but its tone is accessible and generally non-polemical. A search engine is available for the site's contents.

Author of Annotation: J. P. Cusker

Last Modified: 6/20/2012