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Volume: 13 Number: 20

Title: Center for Health, Environment & Justice

Source/Sponsoring Agency: Center for Health, Environment and Justice


Date Checked: 5/19/2008      Status: Active

Date Annotated: 5/19/2008

Topics: Civil Rights; Consumer Protection Law; Environmental Law; Food and Drug Law; Government Contracts; Land Use Planning; Politics; Products Liability; Science And Technology

Other keywords: Conservation; Court decisions; Health; Legislation; Litigation; State and Local Government; environment; citizen; Love Canal; pollution; toxins; dumping; toxic waste; Lois Gibbs; Superfund; Environmental Protection Agency; EPA; consent decree

Contents: The Center for Health, Education and Social Justice (CHEJ) is an outgrowth of the activism of Lois Gibbs and the families affected by the pollution in Love Canal. Today, the CHEJ "[w]orks to build healthy communities, with social justice, economic well-being, and democratic governance." The CHEJ uses "training, coalition-building and one-on-one technical and organizing level the playing field so that people can have a say in the environmental policies and decisions that affect their health..." Among the achievements of the CHEJ are the creation of the Superfund program, the Community Right-to-Know law regarding toxic exposure, and McDonald's 1990 decision to stop using styrofoam packaging. The CHEJ has numerous ongoing campaigns, some focused on specific environmental and health issues, others on particular states. It is primarily in the sites for these separate campaigns that most of the information content of CHEJ lies. The "Media Center" aggregates press releases from all campaigns and sub-groups. Certain campaign sub-pages offer reports in PDF format, including several regarding past campaigns and successes that could be of value in researching environmental history. There is no search engine available, however.

Author of Annotation: J. P. Cusker

Last Modified: 6/20/2012