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Volume: 13 Number: 24

Title: International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

Source/Sponsoring Agency: International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea


Date Checked: 6/19/2008      Status: Active

Date Annotated: 6/19/2008

Topics: Commercial Law; Dispute Resolution; Foreign Law; International Law; International Trade; Transportation Law

Other keywords: Law of the sea

Contents: The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea establishes "a comprehensive legal framework to regulate all ocean space, its uses and resources ... [with] provisions relating to the territorial sea, the contiguous zone, the continental shelf, the exclusive economic zone and the high seas. It also provides for the protection and preservation of the marine environment, for marine scientific research and for the development and transfer of marine technology." Charged with dispute settlement under this Convention is the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, located in Hamburg, Germany. The Tribunal's no-nonsense website contains relevant organizational information on the Convention and on the Tribunal's structure and operations. Under "Documents and Publications" are yearbooks and the articles of the Convention itself while under "Proceedings and Judgments" are the various transcripts, motions, and judgments of the Tribunal itself. Overall, the site is simple and well-organized, with the contents made more accessible by a site index and search page. The site is available in both English and French versions.

Author of Annotation: J. P. Cusker

Last Modified: 6/20/2012