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Volume: 14 Number: 8

Title: Federal Evidence Blog

Source/Sponsoring Agency: Federal Evidence Review


Date Checked: 11/21/2008      Status: Active

Date Annotated: 11/21/2008

Topics: Evidence

Other keywords: Court decisions; Litigation, Federal Rules of Evidence; Blogs

Contents: The Federal Evidence Blog is a free component of the Federal Evidence Review, a fee-based electronic legal journal. The blog focuses specifically on recent cases and issues involving the Federal Rules of Evidence, together with various other cutting edge matters in evidence. Geared toward legal practitioners, each blog entry highlights one case daily by providing an in-depth summary and thorough review of the procedural history, facts, issues, applicable rules, and outcomes of each case. The blog is current to the day, and entries are organized in descending order from most recent to last. In addition to a well-functioning basic search tool, the site provides a topical list of evidence issues cited in the blog, a list of rules recently cited within the blog, and a monthly archive extending back to June, 2008. One of the blog’s best features is that it provides not only cites to the cases being reviewed, but also hyperlinks to pdf copies of the cases and to html copies of the federal rules of evidence at issue within the cases. Occasionally other words in the article are hyperlinked as well to transport the reader to previous relevant blog articles or websites such as PACER. Another helpful feature is a list provided at the end of every article that serves to link the reader to previous articles about related issues. Readers may sign up for the “Evidence Alert!” service which provides free periodic emails with updates on blog postings and developments in evidence. In typical fashion, readers may also post comments or forward articles by email to other readers. Overall the blog provides the busy litigator with an excellent resource with which to stay current on developments in the rules of evidence.

Author of Annotation: A. Emerson

Last Modified: 6/20/2012