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Volume: 17 Number: 9

Title: Law and Justice Institutions

Source/Sponsoring Agency: World Bank


Date Checked: 12/16/2011      Status: Active

Date Annotated: 12/15/2011

Topics: Legal Profession; Legal Education; Politics; Professional Ethics; Dispute Resolution

Other keywords: Rule of Law; Judiciary; Courts

Contents: The World Bank plays an active role in justice sector development by funding major loan projects designed to assist in the creation of efficient and effective justice systems in developing countries, and by additionally contributing to broader public sector improvement projects.  The World Bank views institutional reform as crucial to improving the creation, application and enforcement of law.  To this end, the Law and Justice Institutions portion of the World Bank website provides carefully organized information about justice reform in four major categories, including ‘Reforming Courts and the Judiciary,” “Reforming Other Justice Institutions,” “Alternative Dispute Resolution” and “Legal Education and Training.”  Each category is in turn organized into subcategories.  Each subcategory provides access to World Bank and other authoritative publications on that particular topic through links to PDF and Word documents.  The result is a practical, educational resource that provides reliable material in a well-organized fashion.  A simple, dedicated search feature is available specifically for users of the Law and Justice Institutions webpage.  Because it provides broad results, it may be more helpful to the researcher in some cases to browse the categories to locate relevant documents rather than running a search query in such a simple search engine.  The contents of each page may be formatted for emailing or printing and a permanent URL is helpfully provided for each page, thereby contributing to the website’s reliability.  A static Resources tab on the left side of the page provides access to various tools including kits, bibliographies and readings, as well as other important materials, including speeches, a newsletter, and World Bank publications on the subject of Law and Justice Institutions.  The site is a joint effort of the Justice Reform Practice Group (Legal Vice-Presidency) and the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) Network´s Public Sector Governance Group to provide information on law and justice reform around the globe.  It is managed by the Law and Justice Institutions Thematic Group (formerly the Legal Institutions of the Market Economy Thematic Group).

Author of Annotation: A. Emerson

Last Modified: 6/20/2012