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Volume: 16 Number: 19

Title: SOMO: Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations

Source/Sponsoring Agency: Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations


Date Checked: 7/6/2011      Status: Active

Date Annotated: 7/6/2011

Topics: Commercial Law; Consumer Protection Law; Food and Drug Law; International Law; Economics; Environmental Law

Other keywords: Stitchting onderzoek Multinationale Ondernemingen; Sustainable development

Contents: SOMO, founded in 1973, is an independent, non-profit Dutch organization “working on social, ecological and economic issues related to sustainable development.” SOMO’s mission includes eliminating “the structural causes of poverty, environmental problems, exploitation and inequality.” The organization’s focus is on multinational corporations and their activities that affect individuals and the environment. SOMO was founded in reaction to the overthrow of the Allende government in Chile in 1973 and the perceived manipulations of the Chilean economy by American multinational companies. SOMO pursues its mission through research and training, with emphasis on empowering social organizations in developing countries. In addition to SOMO’s background and news, the website provides access to publications and dossiers. The publications database is extensive and includes items from other organizations. Keyword searching is available and searches may be narrowed by responsible organization, company name, and country. Topics of recent publications include banking sector liberalization in Uganda and private standards in the furniture, garment, and footwear industries. The dossiers cover individual companies, industries and supply chains, corporate accountability, and economic reform. The database of companies is quite large and allows users to review news, reports, and detailed company information. Users may also consult the other dossier sections to track news and trends affecting sustainable development.

Author of Annotation: M. Morrison

Last Modified: 6/20/2012