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Volume: 17 Number: 4

Title: United States Agricultural & Food Law and Policy Blog

Source/Sponsoring Agency: National Agricultural Law Center; American Agricultural Law Association


Date Checked: 9/29/2011      Status: Active

Date Annotated: 9/29/2011

Topics: Agriculture Law; Environmental Law; Food and Drug Law

Other keywords: Agriculture

Contents: The United States Agricultural & Food Law and Policy Blog is a joint project of the National Agricultural Law Center (NALC) and the American Agricultural Law Association (AALA). In existence for two decades, NALC is a Congressionally-created nonpartisan research entity that provides legal information to the agricultural community, including attorneys, producers, academics, and extension personnel. AALA is billed as “the only national professional organization focusing on the legal needs of the agricultural community.” It seeks to provide workable solutions to complex agricultural law problems. The blog provides an information outlet for the two organizations and keeps the agricultural community current with news, research, and other information. The blog is organized into 60-plus categories. Categories with significant content include agricultural economics, animal feeding operations, climate change, environmental law, food safety, and renewable energy. Recent posts address gypsy moth infestation and the employer e-verify bill in Congress. The blog is open to posts from the public, but an editorial board moderates and manages the content.

Author of Annotation: M. Morrison

Last Modified: 6/20/2012