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Volume: 17 Number: 3

Title: Public Health Law Center

Source/Sponsoring Agency: William Mitchell College of Law; Public Health Law Center


Date Checked: 9/9/2011      Status: Active

Date Annotated: 9/6/2011

Topics: Law and Medicine; Consumer Protection Law; Food and Drug Law

Other keywords: Public Health Law

Contents: Founded in 2000 and located at the William Mitchell College of Law, the Public Health Law Center is an organization of law and public health specialists whose mission is to "improve public health through the power of law." In furtherance of that mission, the Center assists local, national and international organizations in developing legislation, and provides legal guidance on a broad range of public health issues. The home page tabs provide links to the areas of public health of most concern to the Center: Healthy Eating, Active Living and Tobacco Control. There are also tabs to Public Health Law Basics, Other Public Health Law, and the Public Health Law Network. In addition to the tabs, the home page has a detailed navigation column, a listing of top news stories and an email newsletter registration. The Healthy Eating topic is focused on taxing soft drinks. The tab has Center announcements and a link to a Public Health Blog. Curiously, although the topic is focused on soft drinks, the new publications list includes publications about tobacco control. The Active Living topic is focused on sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diets and is broken into subtopics such as school wellness policies and physical education law. Key resources include featured publications and reports from the Surgeon General, the Presidentís Council on Physical Fitness and Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Tobacco Control focuses on medical research, federal legislation, and case law dealing with tobacco as a health issue. There is also a list of featured publications. Public Health Law Basics provides an explanation of common legal issues and a glossary, but the "Public Health Law Primer" did not have any content at the time of this writing. The Other Public Health Law tab links to information on "Preemption in Public Health" and "Movement Building in Public Health." Finally, the Public Health Law Network is a resource that puts interested parties in touch with each other. One of the links on the main navigation bar on the home page is to publications and resources. The publications include factsheets, guides, policy briefs, and research studies. The resources include amicus briefs, settlement agreements with tobacco companies, the final bill giving the FDA regulatory authority over tobacco, and the final opinion in US v. Philip Morris USA. The resources include slide shows, webinars, videos, and a bibliography of scholarly tobacco law and policy law articles.

Author of Annotation: J. Callihan

Last Modified: 6/20/2012