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Volume: 17 Number: 8

Title: National Arbitration Forum: Domain Name Dispute Resolution

Source/Sponsoring Agency: National Arbitration Forum


Date Checked: 12/1/2011      Status: Active

Date Annotated: 10/26/2011

Topics: Property; Science And Technology; Dispute Resolution; Intellectual Property Law

Other keywords: Internet domain names

Contents: The content of this website is maintained by the National Arbitration Forum (FORUM). FORUM is a multi-national alternative dispute resolution service administrator made up of a small group of legal professionals. The purpose of this specific site of FORUM is to provide information about and services for domain name dispute resolution, that is, disputes regarding the naming of Internet web addresses. There is no fee for using the website, as the contents are purely informational. The information provided is current within the last year. The site has three search engines: one that searches the content of the page, excluding any downloadable documents, as well as search engines to find dispute resolution panelists or already-disputed FORUM cases. There is a sign up service to receive daily email notifications of recently decided FORUM decisions. The website contains information about the services provided by FORUM, including links on the left side of each page to: information if you’ve received a complaint; the domain name dispute resolution process; policies regarding rules, forms, and filing for the various web extensions; a schedule of fees for their services; dispute resolution panelist- and case- searches; and resources for domain name dispute current awareness. This seems like a logical progression of information, starting with what the public would probably want first: “I received a complaint.” These links direct the user to original content provided by the creators of the FORUM website. The contents of the site appear to be slanted towards the general public, or anyone that needs information on domain name dispute resolution; however some of the external links to controlling organizations might be of value to legal practitioners.

Author of Annotation: C. Schneider

Last Modified: 6/20/2012