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Volume: 3 Number: 7

Title: Animal Rights Law Project, formerly: Animal Rights Law Center, Rutgers University School of Law

Source/Sponsoring Agency: Rutgers Law School (Newark, N.J.). Animal Rights Law Center


Date Checked: 7/29/2008      Status: Updated

Date Annotated: 11/13/1997

Topics: Agriculture Law; Environmental Law; Food and Drug Law; Science And Technology;

Other keywords: Animal rights, Animal Law

Contents: Under the direction of Prof. Gary Francione, Rutgers' Animal Rights Law Center trains law students in the legal aspects of animal rights. The website presents information and court decisions regarding animal rights issues; subjects under "Cases and Materials" include the Supreme Court decision on animal sacrifice, First Amendment aspects of anti-hunting activism, the status of wild horses, and the refusal of biology students to dissect animals. Includes full-text of statutes and regulations on hunter harassment, wild horses, and "product disparagement"as well as the texts of Francione's numerous articles and transcripts of a radio column. Also contains informational material on civil disobedience.

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Last Modified: 6/20/2012