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Volume: 3 Number: 9

Title: LII Amistad Home Page

Source/Sponsoring Agency: Cornell Law School. Legal Information Institute


Date Checked: 9/29/98      Status: Active

Date Annotated: 12/16/97

Topics: International law; Admiralty; Human Rights

Other keywords: Slavery; Copyright; Amistad

Contents: The Legal Information Institute at the Cornell University Law School has collected legal and historical documentation about two famous legal cases deriving from the slave mutiny aboard the ship Amistad: "Amistad I" describes the original 1841 U.S. Supreme Court case in which the captured Africans won their freedom; "Amistad II" is the current federal suit brought against makers of a film about the Amistad mutiny by the author of a historical novel, on the grounds of copyright infringement. The web page for Amistad I provides the historical background, the laws of salvage and slavery as they stood in 1841, and subsequent legal developments in the abolishment of slavery and slave trafficking. The Amistad II documents include the text of the author's complaint; a tentative draft of the District Court's denial of injunction; pertinent copyright laws and decisions in analogous cases; and the legal arguments of both sides. The user can also sign on to an online discussion forum.

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