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Volume: 3 Number: 9

Title: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Source/Sponsoring Agency: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Secretariat


Date Checked: 9/29/98      Status: Active

Date Annotated: 12/16/97

Topics: Environmental law; International law; Motor vehicles; Science and technology

Other keywords: United Nations; Global warming

Contents: The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change was drawn up in 1992; this is the website of the Secretariat of the Convention, which sponsored the Third Conference of the Parties in Kyoto, December 1997. A visit to the sitemap of the UNFCCC is recommended; from there the viewer can look at the text of the Convention, "What is Climate Change", tables of emissions for 1990-1994 with future projections, official documents and technical papers, which are viewable via Adobe Acrobat Reader. The countries which are party to the Convention are listed along with their ratification status and activities engaged in to halt global warming. There is a link to the official website of the Kyoto conference (, which includes documents on public education, the status of scientific research, a children's page, and the conference agenda.

Author of Annotation: A. Carson

Last Modified: 6/20/2012