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Volume: 6 Number: 22

Title: National Client Protection Organization, Inc.

Source/Sponsoring Agency: National Client Protection Organization


Date Checked:       Status: Active

Date Annotated: 7/13/01

Topics: Consumer Protection Law; Legal Profession

Other keywords: Ethics

Contents: The National Client Protection Organization (NCPO) is a not-for-profit membership corporation engaging in professional education designed to protect legal clients from being fleeced by unscrupulous attorneys--which can mean not just overbilling, but everything from bounced checks to outright larceny and embezzlement. The organization assists in setting up state client protection funds to aid claimants. The website, geared toward members of the legal profession, includes the NCPO's quarterly newsletter (a substantial publication), announcements of regional workshops, a 26-page annotated bibliography on "Law Protection Funds" by two New York attorneys, and the text of the ABA Model Rules for both client protection and professional conduct. One interesting feature is called "Difficult Claims"--hypothetical problems to which the user can post a suggested solution. There is also an online bulletin board and news of recent cases. Many of the documents are in PDF format, to be accessed using Adobe Acrobat. This is an informative, if specialized site, which appears to work better with Internet Explorer, as not all hyperlinks functioned with Netscape.

Author of Annotation: A. Carson

Last Modified: 6/20/2012