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InSITE: Listing

Volume: 7 Number: 13

Title: Compliance Headquarters

Source/Sponsoring Agency: Bankers Systems, Inc.


Date Checked:       Status: Active

Date Annotated: 3/12/02

Topics: Administrative Law; Banking Law; Securities Law

Other keywords:

Contents: Sponsored by Bankers System, Inc., a Wolters Kluwer company, is a web site and current-awareness service for the financial services industry. The searchable site provides financial-specific regulations, code, and court findings, arranged topically for an audience whose end goals are regulatory compliance. The site is updated in a timely manner, and is well-organized for easy navigation. Information is presented in a question-and-answer format, and a lot of non-primary content is unique to the web site and written by Bankers Systems Inc. staff attorneys. This is a very good research site for those who are interested in thorough, practical guidance in complying with the overwhelming number of rules and regulations controlling financial institutions. The site is searchable via simple keyword searching as well as fielded searching.

Author of Annotation: B. Kreisler

Last Modified: 6/20/2012