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InSITE: Listing

Volume: 7 Number: 7

Title: National Whistleblower Center

Source/Sponsoring Agency: National Whistleblower Center


Date Checked:       Status: Active

Date Annotated: 11/19/01

Topics: Consumer Protection Law; Employment Law; Environmental Law; Professional Ethics

Other keywords: Whistleblowing

Contents: The National Whistleblowers Center is a non-profit organization supporting employee whistleblowers who seek to enforce "government and industry accountability" in environmental law and nuclear safety. The Center is associated with the National Whistleblowers Legal Defense and Education Fund. Its website is directed towards industry and government employees, and includes a Model Whistleblowers Protection Act, an attorney referral service (to defend against employer retaliation), and the text of important relevant legislation, with respect to civil rights, the Consumer Food Safety Act, the Federal Employee Protection Act, and others, including pending federal legislation. Other features include a well-annotated bibliography of books, articles, and videos on whistleblowing and the rights of dissenters; "Law Library" gives links to the websites of courts, government agencies, Congress, and legal research resources. See especially "Whistleblower Links," which connects to unions, legal guilds, and public interest groups. There is also a section on the presence or absence of legal protection for federal and private employees. The website is searchable by keyword and "sound-alike" matching. Overall, it is clearly written and informative, without presenting an excess of information. It should be noted that the section on license-renewal requests of nuclear power plants did not function (except for links to notices in the Federal Register), since these are located on the website of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which has been taken down in light of the recent terrorist attacks.

Author of Annotation: A. Carson

Last Modified: 6/20/2012