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Volume: 7 Number: 13


Source/Sponsoring Agency: Overlawyered Group; Olson, Walter


Date Checked:       Status: Active

Date Annotated: 3/8/02

Topics: Consumer Protection Law; Employment Law; Products Liability; Torts

Other keywords: Court Decisions; Health; Litigation; Negligence

Contents: For a change of pace, spend some time with this digest of news stories on outrageous lawsuits (the fugitive who sued the police for not apprehending him before he got frostbite), intrusive regulations (bagpipes may violate European Union noise pollution rules), and insidious legal developments (new war powers for the President). In addition to frequently updated current cases, the material is arranged in broad topic areas, such as "Fear of Flirting" (which actually covers harassment suits of all kinds), personal responsibility (or lack of same), "the case for loser-pays," workplace issues, family law, etc. Most cases reported on are from the U.S., but there are quite a few examples from Europe, Australia, and elsewhere, and a "Canadian Corner" covers cases from that country. Each section has links to other topical websites, some specific to the subject area (e.g. feminists and free speech), others more general (Chronicle of Higher Education). If you are interested in tort reform, this website will provide plenty of ammunition, as well as news and policy resources, as there are many links to Internet news digests, columnists, news services, legal resources, mostly conservative policy centers, and sites devoted to scientific skepticism, making this a good resource for journalists as well as social policy makers. The site is searchable and invites submissions.

Author of Annotation: A. Carson

Last Modified: 6/20/2012