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Volume: 8 Number: 2

Title: Campaign for Freedom of Information

Source/Sponsoring Agency: Campaign for Freedom of Information


Date Checked: 9/3/2002      Status: Active

Date Annotated: 9/4/2002

Topics: Consumer Protection Law; Environmental Law; Food and Drug Law; Foreign Law; Law and Medicine; Politics; Science and Technology; Science And Technology;

Other keywords: Censorship; Great Britain; Health; Information Law; Pharmacy; Scottish Law

Contents: The non-partisan Campaign for Freedom of Information, a British organization, opposes government secrecy and lobbies for access to information in the public interest. A Freedom of Information Act was passed in 2000 but will not take effect until 2005, and the Campaign works to improve its provisions. It also advocates the repeal of the Official Secrets Act and its replacement with a much narrower statute. Among its aims are more complete disclosure of commercial/industrial information, especially in the health and safety areas. The website presents substantial background information on several acts pertaining to access to health and medical records and other records containing personal information. Each section gives a long explanation of the provisions of the act, along with links to relevant government agencies. Besides reporting on the Campaign's activities, the website includes the text of evidence presented to the House of Lords, articles on the pharmaceutical industry and government censorship (the focus is more on access to information in the public interest rather than press censorship per se). A section on the parallel organization in Scotland provides a good deal of legislative history on a similar Freedom of Information Act recently passed in the Scottish Parliament. There are further links to government/NGO sites in the UK, the United States, Europe, and Australia. Information tends to be scattered around the website, and rather repetitive, but this is a good source for UK government activism and lobbying.

Author of Annotation: A. Carson

Last Modified: 6/20/2012